Girls and Young Women's Skill Training at Garhi Centre

As well as the children school, BMM runs skills training courses for girls at this Centre. Before starting the courses a survey of what type of training would best suite the needs of the girls and young women in the area was conducted by BMM workers. The rapidly changing face of Delhi's economy has opened new avenues of employment like beauty therapy and these had to be taken into account.

Three skills courses for girls are running at the Garhi Centre:

· Sewing Course

· Computer Course

· Beauty Therapy

Sewing Course : This is a certificated course lasting 6 months. The objective is provide the girls with basic cutting and stitching skills. After completion the girls are able to work from home taking in work from the community or seek employment in one of the many factories around Delhi. The current batch of girls numbering twenty-five is the seventh successful course to be run from this centre.

Computer Course : This is also a certificated six-month course designed to provide basic skills in MS Office, Internet, etc. The current course has twenty girls attending and the fifth course to be run from this centre. We are extremely heartened by the success the previous young women who completed the course are experiencing - many have jobs earning as much as Rs.3000 to Rs. 3,500 per month.

Beauty Therapy Course : Beauticians are in high demand in Delhi and this meant that this has been an extremely popular course. While many apply for the course, our current funding allows for only thirty girls to attend the six month certificated course. The girls learn basic beauty therapy skills and wedding make-up is taught as a speciality. When this course is completed we will have successfully run five courses from the Centre.