Call to stop animal sacrifice



KATHMANDU: Swami Agnivesh, President, World Council of Aryan Samaj, has urged all devotees to stay away from mass animal sacrifice during the Gadhimai festival in Bariyapur of Bara. The festival is scheduled for November 28-29.

Speaking at a press conference organised by Animal Welfare Network Nepal in Kathmandu today, Swami Agnivesh called for a collective effort against animal slaughter. “Gadhimai festival is celebrated with the biggest barbaric animal sacrifice ritual which needs to stop urgently. It is embarrassment to Nepal and its neighbouring countries that embrace Vedic Sanatan Dharma,” he said.

India’s Supreme Court and the Government of India have already prohibited export of water buffalo from the villages of Bihar to Nepal. 

“Human rights activists, political leaders, religious groups and civil society should work together to stop animal sacrifice,” he said, adding that fruits and vegetables could be offered to Goddess Gadhimai instead of shedding animals blood. “Nepal is the country of Pashupatinath. Therefore, animals should not be sacrificed, they should be taken care of,” he said.

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