New Delhi

26th June , 2015


While congratulating Delhi’s AAP Government for giving top priority to Education and Health, Swami Agnivesh, a socio spiritual activist has suggested that mere budget allocations will not bring about any substantial change in the education and health care system.


 What the system really requires is a paradigm shift in the mindset of the society. The society thinks that government schools and hospitals are only for the poor and the down trodden. This elitist and discriminatory mindset further breeds negligence and lack of quality in these institutions. To radically transform this rotten social mentality one needs to persuade all government employees including MLA’s and ministers to send their own children to Government run school only. Starting from Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal,  Deputy Chief Minister Minister Manish Sisodia to all AAP MLAs and all Government servants should make it a point to patronise Government run schools and Government run hospitals only.

If implemented sincerely, this will, in one stroke, change the very quality of all education and health care system in Delhi State and will become a shining example for the rest of the country in terms of Good Governance and excellent delivery.