New Delhi

27th Oct,2015


Condemning the communally charged statement by Dr. Pravinchandra Togadia of Vishwa Hindu Parishad , Swami Agnivesh challenged him for a public debate on T.V Channel on the issue of Cow Slaughter. It is wrong to blame only the Muslims for cow slaughter. While the Hindus sell their non-milk giving cows to Muslims, they know very well that it will be killed for a beef. If the Muslim who slaughters the cow is to be held guilty, the Hindu who sells away his Go-Mata for some cash is no way less guilty, said Swami Agnivesh of Arya Samaj and National Convener of Sarva Dharma Sansad( Parliament of All Religions).

It is therefore highly mischievous to blame only the Muslims for clandestine cow slaughter, he said.

The Hindu display of devotion towards cow is so fake and flimsy that thousands of cows are left to roam on the streets to rummage from the stinking garbage. Many of them die a very painful death due to eating polythene bags which bloat in their stomachs for weeks. Moreover there are millions of Muslims who are opposed to cow – slaughter and beef consumption out of respect for their Hindu brethren’s sentiments.

It is sinister to use the cow issue to fan communal politics and to polarise votes on hindu-muslim lines – added Swami Agnivesh. PM  Modi should effectively put a check on the likes of Togadias . Otherwise the impression is gaining ground that such people have his tacit support and his own occasional utterances are nothing but hogwash.