New Delhi

27th Nov,2015

We heartily welcome newly sworn in  Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s announcement of implementing total prohibition in Bihar effective from 1st April 2016 in fulfilment of his poll promise made to the women folk of Bihar.

The claim of State earning any revenue from sale of alcohol is totally baseless. It is not actually 4000 crore revenue, instead it is  6000 crore loss.  In a study conducted by a Bangalore based institute Vimhans, it has been established that for every 100 rupee revenue earned from alcohol sale, government has to spend 124 rupees extra  on health, police and other similar services to fight its negative impacts on society.

If Shri Nitish Kumar and Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav decide to take the issue of prohibition beyond the boundaries  of Bihar and run a campaign to implement the same in the whole country,  social and  religious workers like us will give full support.  In this way,  implementation of prohibition in the national level will not only be a fulfilment of declaration made under article 47 of the Constitution but  also a deterrent in stopping interstate smuggling of liquor.


Swami Agnivesh

National Convener – Parliament of All Religions

Spokes person – World Council of Arya Samaj

Chairperson – Bonded Labour Liberation Front