Swami Agnivesh's letter to Azad

Swami Agnivesh’s reply to the letter by Shri Azad dt. 31 May 2010 on behalf of Central Committee of CPI (Maoist)

26 June 2010

Dear Shri Azad ji,

Thank you very much for your letter dated 31.05-2010 which came to my hands about a week later around 7-8th June. I fully appreciate the viewpoint of the Central Committee of the CPI (Maoists). I agree that Confidence Building Measures will have to be taken by both sides for the success of Mutual Ceasefire Agreement. In particular I would like to thank the CPI (Maoist) Central Committee leadership for reposing faith in the joint efforts of the Civil Society in general and that of me in particular.

I shared your letter with the Union Home Minister Shri P. Chidambaram and handed over a copy of the complete set of documents that you had sent with the letter.

The issues that have been raised in your letter to me, are of vital importance not just to facilitate the dialogue process but also eventually to promote Just Peace, with focus on our tribal sisters and brothers.

Let me for record state it very clearly that the Union Home Minister feels that your response to his offer for talks between GOI and CPI (Maoists) is not very clear.

The Home Minister not only stated in his letter but also very sincerely made it clear to me in person that once the ceasefire agreement has been signed the cessation of operations would continue until the talks turn conclusive which may be a period of 3 to 6 months.

The steps that you had suggested can also be brought up and discussed across the table during the period of these taltks.

In spite of his extremely busy schedule I could see Union Home Minister over half a dozen times for clarifications about his offer and around the steps you have suggested. On balance I see a point in Home Minister’s insistence for CPI (Maoists) suggesting a date for suspending any armed action for just 72 hours. Such a date of your convenience may quietly be conveyed to me without any media involvement and should have at least 5-7 days periodfor, making all other necessary preparations. There will be ceasefire from both sides.

The 72 hours from the appointed time and date can then be fully utilized for

(1)   To Monitor Peace being observed from both sides and to ensure that minor incidents do not mar the peace process.

(2)   To facilitate agreement for Simultaneous Mutual Ceasefire within those 72 hrs.

(3)   The Government extending formal invitation to the CPI (Maoists) Leaders for talks.

(4)   To strengthen mutual trust between the GOI and the CPI (Maoists) for the eventual dialogue process to begin, at the earliest.

You will appreciate the fact that if we can abjure Media involvement up to the point of signing the mutual ceasefire agreement, it will be possible to honour the requirements as suggested by the Union Home Minister as well as the first step suggested by CPI (Maoists).

You will be glad to know that with the help from the Union Home Minister, I could personally meet Shri Kobad Ghandy in Tihar Jail (New Delhi) and Shri Narayan Sanyal in Raipur Central Jail. Needless for me to tell you that both meetings, lasting for more than an hour and a half each, were very cordial and their response was very positive towards the Peace and Dialogue Process.

Finally, on the basis of all the mutual trust and confidence which I could enjoy from all concerned, I am hereby suggesting any of the following three dates to start the initial 72 hours of suspension of armed resistance from your side and simultaneous cessation of action by the Govt. forces.

(1)   10th July 2010. - or

(2)   15th July 2010.  - or

(3)   20th July 2010.

Please feel free to suggest any other date of your convenience, if necessary. As soon as you confirm either of the three dates, I will follow it up with Shri P. Chidambaram.

Expecting a positive and quick reply-

Yours Sincerely,

(Swami Agnivesh)

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