Swami Agnivesh letter to Central Committee Leadership, Communist Party of India (Maoist)'s

New Delhi,

22 July 2010.

To ,

The Central Committee Leadership,

Communist Party of India (Maoists)

Firstly, I would like to extend my condolences to the sad and unfortunate demise ofComrade Azad in the most unfortunate ways. I had never met him personally but from what I gained from other sources and his writings and also the letter that he wrote to me I feel connected to him and thus his death grieves me even more. And since Mr. Azad had become a pivotal part of the peace initiative by me, a sense of guilt accompanies my anguish over his alleged fake encounter.

You all must have learned from the newspapers and the media that I have been persistently demanding impartial judicial probe into Azad’s and Hem Chandra Pandey’s Killings. (Report Attached). In this regard I have already met the Prime Minister and important opposition leaders too. Today I write to you on behalf of the entire Civil Society which is enraged at this heinous crime but I also ask you to pay real homage to Mr. Azad- which in my understanding would be the continuation of the peace process.

Azad was not only a passionate supporter of this process but as I learned from various sources, was killed when he was trying to negotiate a date for the ceasefire to begin. Hence I appeal to all of you to make your honest efforts that this dialogue process doesn’t get hampered and while I and my friends from the Civil Society pressurize the government from all corners for a judicial probe you should discuss and arrive at a date for mutual ceasefire to begin (refer to my earlier letter to Azad).

Hoping for a positive and swift reply from your side.

Thanking You.

Yours sincerely,

(Swami Agnivesh)

Attached - Media reports.

Union Home Minister Letter.

Letter from Comrade Azad to Swami Agnivesh.

Letter from Swami Agnivesh to Comrade Azad