Statement By Swami Agnivesh on the contrived escape of the Saudi Diplomat


New Delhi

17th Sept,2015

The Saudi diplomat who was accused of raping two Nepali women and forcing them into bonded sex slavery was allowed to cowardly slither away from India yesterday. I strongly condemn this impotence of the Indian government under the ‘fig leaf’ of the Vienna convention. Recently Minister of External Affairs Shrimati Sushma Swaraj had so eloquently elucidated the meaning of Quid Pro Quo in the Parliament citing the examples of Ottavio Quattrocchi and Warren Anderson. We all admired her oratory that day but I would like to ask her to explain her stand now when her own government allows the perpetrator of such a heinous crime to flee the country like this. I would like to ask her- what was the Quid Pro Quo if any in this case? She herself is a woman and thus I expected much more than simply ‘putting pressure’ on the Saudi Embassy in this diabolic case of rape. The ruling BJP made such a hue and cry when they were in the role of opposition in the Devyani Khobragode case or the Italian Marine case and thus their inertness in this case is even more inexplicable. Will this attitude not mar the image of India as a strong nation? 

 I am also deeply anguished at the role of King Salman who is also the custodian of two holy mosques, especially after the two medical reports have prima facie proved the charge against the accused diplomat. I request him to expedite the process of repatriation of the accused Majed Hasan Ashroor for a speedy trial by the Indian authorities and restore the dignity and faith of the Embassy that represents not only a Kingdom but the two holy mosques too. This courage of conviction on his part will reverberate not only in the entire the Islamic Diaspora but throughout the world. This is the moment of reckoning. We want to see the Saudi King to come out in favour of women’s dignity and against sex slavery. 


Swami Agnivesh


Bonded Labour Liberation Front