Press Release for Khap Pacnhayat

New Delhi 27th March 2010

Swami Agnivesh, President- World Council of Arya Samaj has hailed the       ″ Khap Pacnhayat ″ Judgment by the Sessions Court of Karnal in Haryana. It is hightime that the self appointed morel custodians cum judges cum Executors are dealt the harshest punishment to check the growing menace of Khap Pacnhayats. The Landmark Judgment in the Manoj and Babli murder case of Kaithal District in Haryana has exposed the political leadership of Haryana to charges of complicity in such diabolical Crimes through cleverly orchestrated silence which is tantamount to connivance.

 Swami Agnivesh called upon the Leaders of Arya Samaj and such other social reform organization in Haryana including All India Democratic Women’s Association to spearhead a people s movement against the feudalist mindset and against the tendency to take the law in their own hands.

Manu Singh


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